Who we are

Task Force 121 is an ArmA III realism unit consisting of the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, and an Aviation Detachment.

2/75th Ranger Regiment

The 2/75th Rangers are the primary ground force within Task Force 121. Callsign “Broadsword”.

Task Force Aviation Detachment

The Aviation Detachment is the primary aviation group within Task Force 121. Flown aircraft include: MH-47, MH-60, MH-6, AH-6, F-16 and A-10.


What We Offer:
 While no unit is totally unique, TF121 attempts to break out by being relaxed, yet professional. Realism is important, but gameplay more so, so we eschew all the “dead weight”. We don’t insist that you drop real life into oblivion. We don’t put new members through overly-developed and extremely lengthy training pipelines. We focus on sensible, but accurate policies, short training, high energy operations, an active player base, and approachable, but fleshed-out, realistic and immersive gameplay.

Member Requirements:
-Be at least 17 years old
-Be able to speak English fluently
-Own a valid copy of Arma 3
-Have a working microphone
-Be able to regularly make Sunday operations at 1900 US Central

TeamSpeak Information:
Address: ts3.taskforce121.us

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